New Flex cogeneration units must already be equipped with a SCR retrofit solution today

From 01.01.2023, the 44th BImSchV requires nitrogen oxide emissions to be reduced to 0.1 gr/Nm³ for all new biogas engines which go into operation after 20.12.2018. For operators who want to make their biogas plant more flexible, this means that they must in any case provide for the operation of an SCR exhaust gas plant for their new Flex CHP plant.

Emission Partner has developed a compact SCR exhaust gas system in cooperation with its partners Martin Adam GmbH and enkotherm, in particular for container CHP plants, which can be mounted on all common Flex CHP power classes.

The following graph clearly shows the transition from the current emission limit values in Germany (TA Luft of 2002) to the new European limit values, which will be transposed into national law by the 44th BImSchV. As of 01.01.2023 (biogas) or 01.01.2025 (natural gas), all new BHWKs (cut-off date was 20.12.2018) must emit less than 100 mg/Nm3 of nitrogen oxide. This will only work with SCR exhaust aftertreatment.

Source: VDMA

Since the retrofitting of such a plant into an existing CHP involves high conversion costs and expensive downtimes, Emission Partner recommends CHP manufacturers and operators to consider the pre-installation of such an exhaust system already during the planning stage in the first stage and then to retrofit only the SCR catalytic converters and the urea dosage in a further stage if the limit values are lowered.