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Emission Partner is the first independent catalyst manufacturer to focus entirely on the development, manufacture and sale of catalysts for gas engines. We cover all value-added steps of an emission project, from the planning of the exhaust gas aftertreatment to the design, manufacture and assembly of the catalytic converters and the final emission measurement.

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Emission Partner

Location Hanover
Emission Partner GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 66
30625 Hannover

Phone: +49 4498 92 326 – 26
Fax: +49 4498 92 326 – 112


Location Saterland-Ramsloh
Emission Partner GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestraße 5
26683 Saterland-Ramsloh

Phone: +49 4498 92 326 – 26
Fax: +49 4498 92 326 – 112


Location Italy
Emission Partner GmbH & Co. KG
Via Dei Campi della Rienza
39031 Bruneck, Bozen

Phone: +39 327 857 66 67

Emission stories

Satisfied customers are the best reference

AVS Aggregatebau GmbH – MAN

A company with more than 30 years of experience! AVS Aggregatebau GmbH specialises in the planning, development and construction of power supply units and combined heat and power plants.

Bredegas GmbH & Co. KG – SCHNELL

Successful biogas plants are characterized by high availability and a a proper heat network. In the north-eastern Münsterland region, not far from the state border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the biogas plant of Bredegas GmbH & Co. KG.

Bioenergiedorf Jühnde eG – 2G

The municipality of Jühnde in Lower Saxony is pioneer in decentralized energy supply with public participation.

DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH – MTU/MDE

With total sales of 14,848 gigawatt hours and water sales of 42.7 million cubic metres*, the DREWAG is one of the most important municipal utilities in Eastern Germany.

Ruhrverband – MWM

With over 60 sewage treatment plants between Brilon and Duisburg, the Ruhrverband purifies the wastewater of 2.2 million people and numerous industrial companies.

Avacon Natur GmbH – Jenbacher

Avacon Natur generates almost CO2-neutral electricity and heat with combined heat and power plants powered by bio natural gas and at the same time uses the resources of the agricultural network area very efficiently.

Geisberger Gesellschaft für Energieoptimierung mbH – MAN

The successful CHP specialist, the Geisberger Society for Energy Optimization mbH, relies on reliable and proven components and enables its customers to the economic success of their biogas plants.

Biogasanlage Struckmann – SCHNELL

The biogas plant of the Struckmann family has proven itself as a useful supplementation in the agriculture, pig breeding and cattle farming region.

Rigo Biogas GmbH – 2G

The heat utilization concept of Mr. Pfaffenbach serves as a flagship project for the whole industry. The Rigo Biogas GmbH with headquarters in Morschen, Hessen, operates since 2010 a biogas plant based on renewable raw materials and agricultural fertilizers.

MDE Service GmbH – MTU/MDE

Managing Director Bernd Bestle and his engine specialists from the Augsburg area will give their many years of experience further to biogas plant operators.

Agrarservice Lass GmbH – MWM

Success doesn't come by chance! For family entrepreneurs Martin Laß a trustworthy and partnership-based cooperation with customers and suppliers stands on the first place.

Bioenergie GmbH Straelen – Jenbacher

Rainer Strompen relies on the quality motors from Jenbacher and is very satisfied with it. Bioenergie GmbH Straelen, in the idyllic Lower Rhine region not far from the Dutch border, operates two biogas plants with 499 kilowatts power each.
Agrokraft Hassfurt

Agrokraft Hassfurt GmbH & Co. KG – 2G

The biogas plant of Agrokraft Haßfurt GmbH & Co KG is just a stroll away from the Main. Mr. Scheithauer takes care of coordination and cooperation and can thus supply the most diverse regional facilities with energy.
Mannsperger Biogas

Mannsperger Biogas – MDE/MTU

As an electronics technician for energy and systems, Mr. Mannsperger knows what he is talking about. As an electronics technician for energy and systems, Mr. Mannsperger knows what he is talking about.
Agrargesellschaft Pfiffelbach

Agrargesellschaft Pfiffelbach – MWM TCG 2016 V16, 500 kW

Since the construction of the biogas plant, Mr Strese has faced a new challenge every day. With a utilisation rate of over 97%, he has proven that he can master them all.

Bröker Biogas GbR – SCHNELL ES 2509, 500 kW

An idyllic workplace: between Gronau and Ochtrup lies the biogas plant Bröker GbR in agricultural Westphalia. An idyllic workplace: between Gronau and Ochtrup lies the biogas plant Bröker GbR in agricultural Westphalia.
Ruhe Agrar GmbH

Ruhe Agrar GmbH – Jenbacher 312, 500 kW

Ruhe Agrar GmbH operates 20 Jenbacher engines in several German states. In these rural areas, electricity and heat from biogas are just as popular as the faster Internet.

Bioenergie Heimes GmbH – SCR

In the far west of the republic on the Lower Rhine, only a few kilometres from the Dutch border, one of the first biogas plants that Envitec built for Karl Josef Heimes in 2003 is located in Kerken. Many greenhouses, which primarily grow flowers, characterise the rural region.
Emission News

Article in the “top agrar” 04/2020: “New exhaust gas limits: What the companies offer”

An article that appears today in the energy magazine "top agrar" presents our solution for compliance with the requirements of the 44th BImSchV:

District of Cloppenburg and the municipality of Saterland visit Emission Partner to inspect the fully automated catalyst coating plant

Mrs. Deddens from the municipality of Saterland and Mr. Groteschulte from the district of Cloppenburg have announced their intention to inspect the fully automatic coating system, which has been sponsored by both partners with a total of 37,500 euros.







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