New exhaust gas limits: what Emission Partner offers

An article that appears today in the energy magazine “top agrar” presents our solution for compliance with the requirements of the 44th BImSchV:

“At the Biogas Convention in Nuremberg, the industry presented new solutions to comply with the limit values of the 44th BImSchV.

Continuous exhaust gas analysis

With “EMI-LOG” the manufacturer Emission Partner has developed a solution independent of engine manufacturers, which continuously analyses the exhaust gases of the CHP. It not only ensures that the CHP unit permanently complies with the emission limits of the 44th BImSchV, but also monitors the operation of the catalytic converter with the aid of a CO sensor. The data for proving the effective operation of the exhaust aftertreatment system is stored locally in the device in compliance with DSGVO, but is also accessible to the operator in a cloud. On request, Emission Partner can produce automated monthly and annual reports to provide proof for the authorities.

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