Avacon Natur GmbH – Jenbacher

Avacon Natur generates almost CO2-neutral electricity and heat with combined heat and power plants powered by bio natural gas and at the same time uses the resources of the agricultural network area very efficiently.

Avacon Natur GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Avacon AG and is part of the E.ON Group. As a regional energy service provider, Avacon Natur stands for energy solutions in harmony with the environment. To this end, decentralised solutions for the generation of climateneutral electricity and environmentally friendly heat from renewable energy sources are developed.

“In addition to highly efficient cogeneration, we are increasingly focusing on renewable energies,” explains Mr. von Hörsten. Here, Avacon Nature is focusing on the promising energy source bio natural gas in particular, in addition to photovoltaics and wind power. Bio natural gas is produced from biomass and can be easily stored and used forothers almost CO2-neutral into electricity and heat. Especially in the agricultural grid area of Avacon Natur, the available resources can be used efficiently. In cooperation with municipal partners, over 500 GWh of climate-friendly energy is generated. “Avacon
Natur achieves a saving of around 40,000 tons of CO2 through environmentally friendly energy production,” says Mr. von Hörsten, explaining the successful energy partnerships.

With the use of combined heat and power generation, Avacon Natur tries to make optimum use of resources, so that regional partnerships are also favoured with regard to the exhaust gas aftertreatment of the combined heat and power plants. “With Emission Partner’s catalytic converters, we
safely comply with the lowered limit values for our CHPs,” says Mr. von Hörsten, explaining the successful cooperation with Emission Partner.