Hof Deiters Biogas GbR – SCHNELL

The Heitmanns manage their 200-hectare flagship farm in the Münsterland region across generations. “When it comes to farming, we attach great importance to a varied crop rotation in order to use the land in a way that conserves resources. In addition to our agriculture, we operate a pig fattening house with 1800 places and the biomass farm in Everswinkel,” the Heitmanns report.

“With the introduction of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2004, we then became intensively involved with the topic of renewable energy production, as nature and the responsibility of the latter are close to our hearts. After careful consideration and an economic audit, the decision was made to build a biogas plant, and so in 2005 the biogas plant was built on our own farm with a Deutz BF6M unit with an electrical output of 105 kW,” an enthusiastic Klemens Heitmann recalls.

Today, a total of four combined heat and power units are operated at the site and the total installed electrical output is 833 kilowatts. In addition to the Deutz engine, three SCHNELL-Scania cogeneration units have been installed in recent years. The plant has been in flex marketing since 2017 and electricity is generated according to demand. Since sustainability plays a very important role for the Heitmann family, a well thought-out heating concept was implemented. Currently, about 85% of the waste heat is used to heat the stables and the house, as well as to dry wood chips and wood. Currently, a district heating pipeline with 900 metres of heat pipe is being planned, which will supply 73 residential units in an adjacent new development area with sustainable heat.

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“We have been relying on Emission Partner products and services since 2015. In particular, we are very satisfied with the organisation of the annual emission measurement and the quality of the catalytic converters,” says the Heitmann family, describing their long-standing cooperation with Emission Partner.