Bauersachs GbR – Jenbacher

The biogas plant in Meeder is located in the district of Coburg in Upper Franconia. The plant uses pig manure, grass silage and maize silage to produce valuable biogas. Owner and operator Mr. Tobias Bauersachs is proud of the development of his biogas plant. “The biogas plant as a sensible supplement to the agricultural business was the impetus to build a plant with a 100 kW Scania-Perkins unit as one of the first “biogas pioneers” as early as 2005,” Mr. Bauersachs recalls. In the years that followed, the plant was gradually expanded with additional engines. Today, a total of four cogeneration units, a SCHNELL-Scania ignition jet engine with 210 kW electrical output, a SCHNELL Liebherr gas engine with 500 kW electrical output, a Jenbacher 312 gas engine with 526 kW and a recently commissioned Jenbacher 416 gas engine with 1,200 kW electrical output are operated at the site.

Mr Bauersachs has given a lot of thought to the continuation of his biogas plant in recent years. “In the early years, the combined heat and power plants were operated permanently and thus generated electricity 24 hours a day and fed into the power grid. However, biogas can do much more. Unlike wind and solar, it can be stored. Today, our engines are only operated according to demand, i.e. only at times of day when larger amounts of electricity are needed.
are needed,” explains Tobias Bauersachs.

>> Emission Partner – My reliable
partner for exhaust gas aftertreatment <<

For many years, Mr Bauersachs has relied on Emission Partner’s products and service. Continuous NOx and temperature monitoring systems from Emission Partner have already been installed to comply with the new requirements of the 44th BImSchV. “The total package of organisation of the emission measurement and catalytic converters, combined with sound advice from the regional field service, assures me of a passed emission measurement and thus reliable compliance with the legal emission requirements,” says Mr Bauersachs, summing up the cooperation.
Thanks to the prudent planning and sensible management, as well as the flexibilisation by 5 times the output, the biogas plant is well equipped even after the expiry of the EEG subsidy in four years.