RMB/ENERGIE GmbH, based in Saterland, Lower Saxony, is a manufacturer of combined heat and power units. Thanks to a selection of modern components and intuitive control, the plants set new standards in the market. For more than 10 years, RMB/ENERGIE GmbH has specialised in the development and production of highly efficient combined heat and power units with an overall efficiency of up to 109.5 %. In addition, transmission losses are reduced to a minimum during decentralised energy generation with a CHP unit. The resulting savings in CO2 emissions make a major contribution to the preservation of an environment worth living in. The RMB neoTower® is quiet, robust, efficient and very compact. Sophisticated sound decoupling and a very low motor speed ensure whisper-quiet operation and maximum durability. Special catalytic converters installed in the exhaust tract reduce emissions to a minimum.

In addition to industrial applications, neoTower® combined heat and power units are also suitable for properties with increased comfort requirements such as hotels, residential buildings or nursing homes and hospitals.

Remote monitoring
Each neoTower® can be connected to the Internet via the mobile router incl. SIM card supplied (valid for 24 months) or via an Ethernet connection. This gives you worldwide access to your CHP unit around the clock. Each plant is monitored by RMB/ENERGIE in real time, so that remote maintenance can be carried out, for example.

Long maintenance intervals
Due to a constant and low rotation speed, the neoTower® reduces wear to a minimum, thus achieving very long maintenance intervals.

Electricity charging station
Take the first step: use the neoTower® as an electric charging station for e-bikes and electric vehicles.
Also charge all other chargeable electrical devices with the neoTower®.

Battery storage systems
With your neoTower®, electricity and heat are generated directly where they are needed. The use of a specially developed battery storage system from RMB/ENERGIE GmbH increases the proportion of your own electricity. In the event of a power failure, the neoTower® is operated in grid backup mode for an unlimited period of time.