Emission Partner at “Hallo Niedersachsen”:
Why do more and more catalytic converter thieves strike?

Emission Partner, as an independent catalyst manufacturer, not only produces the desired catalysts for stationary engines, but also takes care of the disposal or recycling of old catalysts that had to be replaced.

Among other things, catalytic converters contain high-priced materials such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. In a certain composition, these substances ensure a chemical reaction with the exhaust gases. If the catalytic converter can no longer comply with the required limit values due to various factors, it must be replaced. Despite this, there are still residues of the sought-after substances in the catalytic converter. These can then be recycled by Emission Partner.

Because of these valuable precious metals, catalytic converters are sometimes stolen and subsequently sold, especially in the automotive sector. In a short report by “Hallo Niedersachsen”, attention is drawn to this problem and Emission Partner is consulted on the matter:

Emission Partner will reimburse you for your spent catalytic converters – including those from other manufacturers – at the highest possible prices.
For further information, please visit www.emission-partner.de/recycling