The highly efficient CHP plants are operated with natural gas, biogas or sewage gas and function according to the principle of cogeneration. They are available in various designs depending on requirements: Whether as a compact module, in a container or in a powerhouse – we always offer you a convincing and sustainable overall solution.

More than 25 years of experience, over 4,000 installed plants and more than 300 employees enable TEDOM SCHNELL to react flexibly to the most diverse customer requirements. For the installation and support of TEDOM SCHNELL CHP plants, 220 service employees are organised decentrally at several locations in Germany. Our globally proven technologies reduce energy costs. The long service life and reliability of our plants are the result of constant further development of our technologies. With TEDOM SCHNELL CHP solutions, you use the full capacity of your primary energy through highly efficient generation of electrical and thermal energy. The production facilities are optimally equipped and operate according to the highest quality standards – this is the natural prerequisite for TEDOM SCHNELL to offer you the best overall solution.

TEDOM SCHNELL has been part of the TEDOM Group since 2016. TEDOM a.s. is the parent company of the TEDOM Group. TEDOM is a globally active CHP manufacturer and CHP operator from the Czech Republic. Through this merger, the TEDOM Group is one of the largest CHP manufacturers in Europe with over 900 employees and over 8,000 installed units.

“The fast and uncomplicated cooperation with Emission Partner works very well. Together we have launched a replacement system produced exclusively for TEDOM SCHNELL, which meets our claim of premium OEM quality. The better technical equipment enables longer service lives than comparable models on the market. In combination with the very easy handling, our customers thus achieve a higher economic efficiency of their CHP plants, and of course they comply with the legal emission limits,” reports Mr Lagoda, Head of Product Management and Design.

Our product portfolio:
Natural gas CHP units in the output range 20 kWel – 4,500 kWel
Biogas CHP units in the output range 180 kWel – 2,300 kWel