Minegas GmbH – MWM

Minegas GmbH is a joint venture of STEAG New Energies GmbH, LAMBDA Gesellschaft für Gastechnik mbH and Green Gas Germany GmbH. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has become one of the leading companies in the extraction and utilisation of mine gas in the Ruhr region. There are 16 sites between Duisburg and Hamm, which produce around 200 million kWh of electrical energy per year and feed it into the regional supply network. This is enough to guarantee the electricity supply for about 67,000 households.

In addition to electricity generation, Minegas also has a sustainable and ecologically sound heating concept. Through the use of mine gas utilisation, approx. 3.1 million tonnes of equivalent CO2 emissions are avoided annually. Minegas GmbH has thus always made an important contribution to climate protection and the improvement of the energy balance. Likewise, by extracting the waste heat from numerous engines, the local heating network can be supplied. A total of 70 million kWh of heat is passed on to private and public end customers.

Minegas has been working with Emission Partner for a good two years and purchases the catalytic converters and the associated catalytic converter chambers from them for various sites, including the “Minister Stein 4” site in Dortmund.

“We are very satisfied with the products and the service provided,” reports Mr van Egeren. “Mr Wilhelm Stockel is a reliable contact person and, together with his team at Emission Partner, provides us with advice and support for a wide range of requirements and problem solutions.”

MWM TWG 620 V16
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MWM TWG 620 V16
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