BioEnergie Schainbach GbR – MTU/MDE

The biogas plant in Schainbach is located in the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern. The fermenters, the final storage facility and the silo can hardly be seen from the passing state road.

The plant was connected to the grid in 2004. It has been expanded step by step over the years. In addition to the classic electricity generation, part of the waste heat is also used to heat neighbouring houses.

Mr Anton Beck has been a customer of Emission Partner since 2016 and operates 4 MTU engines, from 330 kW to 380 kW output. The biogas plant converts around 50 tonnes of raw material from grass, maize and sugar beet every day.

“Demanding regulations and the ever-increasing cost pressure demand the highest level of commitment, professionalism and flexibility from me as the operator of a biogas plant of this size. I also demand this from the companies I work with,” explains Anton Beck in conversation with our area sales manager Mr Peter Braun, who looks after Mr Beck’s concerns from Emission Partner, among others, and also drops in personally from time to time. “Everything has to work reliably. The three-year contract for exhaust gas measurement and the provision of the required catalytic converters by Emission Partner thus gives me additional operational reliability,” Anton Beck continues.

In order to remain fit for the future even after the EEG subsidy, Mr Beck recently invested in a new Flex engine, which will soon go into operation.

MTU/MDE-MB3042L5-370kW-GO (340 kW)