from left to right: Mr. Goeman, Mr. Groteschulte, Mrs. Brinkmann, Mrs. Deddens, Mr. Fink

Visit of the fully automatic coating plant for catalysts

Mrs. Deddens from the municipality of Saterland and Mr. Groteschulte from the district of Cloppenburg have announced their intention to inspect the fully automatic coating system, which has been sponsored by both partners with a total of 37,500 euros. Process engineer Johann Fink, who has been working at Emission Partner for 5 years and has been involved in the planning of the plant since 2017, will show the guests the production, consisting of a metal carrier winding plant, manual coating stations, welding workplaces and the fully automatic coating plant, which has created three new permanent jobs (one of which is a training position) in line with the funding. “A special feature of the plant is the integrated drying system based on the flow-through principle, which makes it possible to coat and dry even very large catalytic converters for gas engines with an output of over 2 MW in just a few minutes. This allows us to automate the critical coating process while documenting all operating parameters,” explains Mr. Fink to continue: “The development of the plant was anything but easy, as we had to take into account the widely varying catalyst diameters and at the same time have only very small batch sizes”. The project was accompanied by the energy consultant Ms. Brinkmann (European Energy Management).

Mr Groteschulte from the district of Cloppenburg was impressed. Not only by the coating plant, in which a small robot travels over the diameter of the metal beams, but also by the innovative strength of the entire company. “Emission Partner is in the best sense a “hidden champion” of the Oldenburger Münsterland, which has found its growth niche through engineering performance and a feeling for the growing market of exhaust gas aftertreatment for decentralized energy generation”.

“We are glad to have such an innovative and fast-growing company in the community, which creates so many new jobs at the location,” said Deddens from the Saterland community.

“With the new coating plant, we will be converting from manual coating to automated coating by as early as 2020. We will triple our capacity with increased production quality and for the first time we will be able to handle large coating orders in a much more relaxed manner and at the same time reduce the workload of our employees,” says Managing Director Dirk Goeman, summing up the success.