Bredegas GmbH & Co. KG – SCHNELL

Successful biogas plants are characterized by high availability and a a proper heat network.

In the north-eastern Münsterland region, not far from the state border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the biogas plant of Bredegas GmbH & Co. KG. The biogas plant was commissioned in 2011 as a useful addition to the pig fattening facilities with 3,000 fattening places and the 150 hectares of arable land. Today, two ignition jet engines from the company SCHNELL with 250 and 265 kW of electrical power are in operation. “As substrates we primarily use sugar beet, maize, grass silage and farm manure from our agricultural operation. The varied composition of the input materials ensures a stable biology of the system and thus leads to a constantly good gas production,” describes Stephan Große Hokamp his biogas plant.

In order to increase the efficiency of the plant, a sensible heating concept was used from the very beginning. As a result, the local heating network can currently supply 65 households in Ostbevern. “In the final expansion stage of the 6-kilometer district heating network, a total of 85 houses are to be connected. The heating network is an important puzzle to ensure the future of the biogas plant and thus the economic success of the company,” reports the sympathetic farmer.

For many years, Mr. Große Hokamp has relied on the products and services of Emission Partner. “The complete package of emission measurement and catalytic converters, combined with a preliminary measurement and advice from the regional sales force, ensures that I pass the measurement and thus qualify for the annual emission reduction bonus”, explains Große Hokamp the cooperation.

In addition to the catalysts and annual emission measurement, activated carbon and various accessories are also supplied to the biogas plant. “I have been able to reduce the number of different suppliers and thus my workload considerably and can now concentrate more on the farm instead of doing office work,” says the farmer.

SCHNELL-Scania ZS 265GT-V5 (265 kW)
SCHNELL-Scania ZS 2507 (250 kW)