Bioenergiedorf Jühnde eG – 2G

The municipality of Jühnde in Lower Saxony is pioneer in decentralized energy supply with public participation.

The project idea of the bioenergy village was first presented to the citizens of Jühnde in January 2001 as part of a research project of the universities of Göttingen and Witzenhausen. “Due to the chances for the village development and the preservation of the natural foundations of life connected with the project, there was a great interest in its implementation,” explains Eckhard Fangmeier, chairman of the bioenergy village.

In 2005, the municipality of Jühnde in Lower Saxony became the first bioenergy village in Germany and at the same time a model for around 150 other regional energy villages. The co-operatively operated biogas plant also includes a district heating network, a wood chip heating system and two heat storage tanks, as well as a photovoltaic system and a wind turbine.

As part of the Jühnde 2.0 project in 2015, the installed electrical output of the motors was increased from 716 kilowatts to 1,800 kilowatts and the overall efficiency was increased by an additional ORC module. “In the future, the biogas plant is to be operated oriented on heat instead of electricity, thus making a valuable contribution to demand-oriented and flexible energy generation,” says Fangmeier.

Since the enforcement recommendation on formaldehyde from 2017 and the associated reduction of the limit value to 20 mg/Nm³, Emission Partner supplies all catalysts and carries out the annual emission measurements at the combined heat and power plants. “We are very satisfied with the organization and service of the emission measurements, and the catalysts comply with the emission limits safely and reliably. In addition,
we were able to significantly reduce our expenses, as we have with Emission Partner only one contact person for the exhaust gas aftertreatment systems of our different engines. This means we don’t have to contact every manufacturer, but act according to the principle ‘once there, all in'”, says plant manager Christoph Weitemeier, describing the cooperation.

Haase – MWM TCG 2016-V16 (716 kW)
Avus 550 plus (550 kW)
Avus 550 plus (550 kW)