44 BImSchV requires continuous monitoring! Our solution: EMI-LOG

In June 2019 the previous Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) was replaced by a new Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV) and the CHP operators must now continuously monitor the emissions of their engines.

In particular, the following extracts from “§ 24 Measurements on internal combustion engine systems” shall be observed:

  • § 24 Measurements on internal combustion engine systems (6):
    “In the case of internal combustion engine systems equipped with oxidation catalytic converters, the operator shall provide evidence of the continuous effective operation of the catalytic converter.”
  • § 24 Measurements on internal combustion engine systems (7):
    „The operator of an internal combustion engine plant shall provide evidence of permanent compliance with the emission limit values for nitrogen oxides, e.g. for the continuous effective operation of the waste gas purification system. The operator of a gas engine system based on the lean gas principle must monitor the emissions of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of each engine with suitable qualitative measuring equipment such as NOx sensors as a daily average value.“

The effects for the CHP operators are therefore as follows:

  • Continuous NOx monitoring now
  • Max. downtime of catalysts 400 h per 12 months (-> approx. 17 days)
  • The function of the exhaust aftertreatment system must also be monitored for existing engines
  • Engines with a rated thermal input = 1 MW must be declared by the operator to the competent authority

We have the manufacturer-independent solution to meet all requirements of the 44th BImSchV, our EMI-LOG:

  • Compliance with the legal requirements of the 44th BImSchV
  • Continuous NOx measurement
  • Monitoring of the effective continuous operation by a CO sensor
    • Ermittlung von Tagesmittelwerten
  • Display
    • The last 4 daily mean values
    • Current NOx and CO half-hour average
    • Failure hours of the emission control system via the daily mean values
    • Operating hours via the pressure sensor
  • Local storage of daily averages and downtimes (6 years)
  • Electricity connection and Internet access must be provided by the operator

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