Agrarservice Lass GmbH – MWM

Success doesn’t come by chance! For family entrepreneurs Martin Laß a trustworthy and partnership-based cooperation with customers and suppliers stands on the first place.

“With the construction of our own biogas plant in 2009 it all started,” reports Martin Laß, Managing Director of the Agrarservice Lass GmbH, from Schleswig-Holstein. In order to successfully operate the biogas plant many wheels have to interlock together, because in particular the heart of every biogas plant, the combined heat and power unit, guarantees only by optimal coordinated maintenance measures the economic success.

In order to pass this experience to other biogas plant operators as well Martin Laß founds in 2012 the company Agrarservice Lass GmbH. In doing so, the company has specialized in MWM’s service since 2013 and is an official service and sales partner of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (formerly MWM) in the Schleswig-Holstein region and in northern Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. “First and foremost in our philosophy is the trustworthy and partnership-based cooperation with our customers, because only in this way a long-term and successful business relationship can develop”, explains Laß his company.

With the new regulation of the emission reduction bonus in autumn 2017, and the associated reduction of the formaldehyde limit from 40 mg/Nm³ to
20 mg/Nm³, the business relationship began with Emission Partner. “The emission reduction bonus is indispensable for the economic efficiency of a biogas plant and directly after publication of the new limit values was a major uncertainty for our customers,” recalls Laß and adds, “In Emission Partner we have found a partner, who with his competence and many years of experience in the field of catalyst technology immediately convinced me. By the own production of all catalysts it could always be delivered at very short notice which was of great importance due to the reporting date of 01.07.2018.”

“All the catalysts were able to meet emission levels in full compliance with the new limit value, and almost all have achieved formaldehyde levels of less than 10 mg/Nm³. With this result and the convincing consulting services we are very satisfied and we are looking forward to the future cooperation in a spirit of partnership”, sums up technical manager Patrick Schröter.