Our goal for the future: Smaller, better, more integrated

“We have carried out a CFD – Computer Flow Design – and thus improved the flow in the catalytic converter so that it is fully utilized,” reports Dirk Goeman, Managing Director of Emission Partner GmbH & Co. KG, about the sulfur-resistant Oxi-Kat, which has already been part of the portfolio for several years. This means that an exhaust gas value of 20 instead of 30 milligrams of formaldehyde per cubic meter of exhaust gas can be maintained without increasing the size of the component. In addition, the value is reliably maintained for over 8,000 operating hours.

The SCR catalytic converter (energy from plants 4/2014) introduced four years ago was equipped with a new control system. “It is so small,” Goeman reports,”that it can be installed inside the control cabinet of the engine control system. Furthermore, the filter is space-saving due to its integration into the silencer.”

According to Goeman, the rapid measuring device for formaldehyde, which has been on the market for about two years, is currently enjoying particularly strong sales, especially among municipal utilities and service companies. Farmers still consider the device too expensive at 499 euros net, although even a failed exhaust measurement costs more than double the price. (dme)

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Source: Trade magazin “energie aus pflanzen”, Photo: Meier/energie aus pflanzen