Seal of quality: Innovative through research

The Stifterverband has awarded the company Emission Partner the INNOVATIVE DURCH FORSCHUNG seal. “We are delighted about the award of this seal and the associated recognition of our research activities,” explains Managing Director Dr. Klaus-Dieter Zanter proudly. “In the coming years, we will continue to drive forward the development and application of the most effective exhaust gas purification technologies in the field of biogas engines.”

From the very beginning, research and development have been a top priority at Emission Partner:

Emission Partner has successfully registered two inventions with the German Patent and Trademark Office:
1.  Patent 10 2011 101 474.1 „Aldehyd catalyst“ in 2011
2.  In 2013 the utility model 20 2013 000 698.6 „Divisible catalyst“

Emission Partner has developed an SCR system especially for stationary engines, which continuously monitors the exhaust gas values with the aid of the control system and integrated AdBlue metering. This ensures that the legal limits for NOₓ are permanently adhered to.

Students are given the opportunity to study the production and practical use of catalysts and to carry out test series for their research work within the framework of internships at Emission Partner. Two papers have been completed so far: “Influence of reaction temperature and methane content of biogas on the catalytic afterburning of methane” (2015), Bachelor thesis by Katharina Schäfers, Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt “Study on SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment in combined heat and power plants” (2015), Diploma thesis by Mr. Jörg Reschke, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden