Emission Partner develops fomaldehyde rapid tester

The long-term contact to biogas producers makes Emission Partner not only an expert for the engines on the biogas plants, but also a contact partner for all questions concerning exhaust gas measurement.

Emission Partner has often experienced that despite long-term planning and good preparation an engine can fail during exhaust gas measurement and a repeat measurement becomes necessary. The formaldehyde limits are a recurring topic! That is why Emission Partner has developed the formaldehyde rapid tester especially for stationary engines.

“Now it is possible to measure the level of formaldehyde emissions from an engine within just 20 minutes. Of course, this is not an officially recognized measurement value as with an accredited measuring institute. However, this measurement helps biogas farmers to decide in the run-up to the official exhaust gas measurement whether a new catalyst needs to be installed or whether a measurement can still be carried out with the old catalyst,” explains Sebastian Kortmann, Application Technician and Sales Manager North at Emission Partner. “Failed exhaust gas measurements and thus unnecessary costs can be avoided.”

Reports of the trade press can be found here:Biogas Journal Ausgabe 04/2016

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